Carroll's 55th Street


Tri-Strat for Size

Drew was there getting warmed up for the up coming Bitter End Gig in 2 Weeks. So was Jordan, filling in for Brotpen who is on Kizz-hiatus. Rennie was there as was Andy and me and my '86 Red Squire Strat and silver slide. I liked the sound of my slide this evening. It had a warm tome to it some how. So warm that the slide warmed up to me like a puppy dog during the Franklins Tower. It vibrated its idle self of the amp it was sitting on during the Frankie's, startling us all with it's clang on the hard floor. Franklins is not a song to play slide on but, I decided to grant the slide wish to continue being played, after all it served me so well during the jam. It was just a really cool experience of an inanimate object warming up to me. I never felt that was before.

Started small with 3 people and ended small with three people. In anywise, we played a lot of songs and it was a fun night.

Freak Out!