Carroll's 55th Street


So Long 2022 - Drew Woo 2023

With only 2 jams left in the year we had Drew and Lee join us on drums as Scott and Rennie were at this Bitter End closing out their year. Strange circumstances but it is what it is. We had Andy for the first set and we were trying to be as professional as we could be so to song. I think we sounded pretty good from the opening Stranger to the first set closing with a Other One where Kevin relinquished his bass only to be picked up by Andy before he departed for the night.

Andy left for the second set where I started with a Swing 48 to get us going. Lee was calling for some Stones songs, so we did the Let It Bleed nicely but failed in our attempt to play Under My Thumb or Nobody knows when you are down and Out. To close out the night Drew asked from som rochmunous from all the nonsense so we gave him a considerable Uncle Johns Morning Dew to close the night. It was a closer with some significance. As is the new tradition, Drew brought in a little bubbly and a non-chocolate cake to celebrate the end of another year of Deadstein.

Freak Out!