Carroll's 55th Street


Last Week Before Gig and We Wither Away to a Trio

We have one week to go for the November gig at the Bitter End and we enter into this last week without a setlist and a full band to rehearse, no big deal, we still have fun, make good music and will face the bitter end without trepidation. Scott was there for the first half of the night. He had a long day and a suffering wrist but he made it to the jam and surprised us by sitting in for the first set and giving it a good go with Lee on Drums. Besides the drummers, it was just Kevin and I playing the music. I had my Rags the Guitar, Tiger Clone and Kevin was playing his Modulus through the Trace Elliot stack, standard fare. We sounded good for the limited sound we were making.

I was able to get in a few jazz standards in the middle of the night. I always loved Stardust and we did it pretty wel.. I provided a couple of retakes in the music where Kevin suggested I Auto-Tune the West LA and Gomorrah to bring up the quality a bit. I took it to heart and re-sang those 2 songs and remixed the tracks. Kevin thought it was a big difference. I'll let you all be the judge. For a trio for the most part, the music was beyond what could have been expected, next week back to the stage.

Freak Out!