Carroll's 55th Street


At Carroll's On a Friday Night as Booking Time Is Tough

As Carroll's is getting pretty tight for scheduling with Broadway plays rehearsing all over, our options were playing at Smash for an exorbitant amount of money for 2 drum kits or go to Carroll's on a Friday night a see who shows. Fortunately we were able to muster up a band with me on guitar, Kevin and his Trace Elliot on bass, Rich on Keys and Drew and Scott back on drums. Scott was aching a bit with his wrist but persevered for most of the night.

We got a pretty good recording of the music with an ok shot from two cameras from which the video was produced. With everyone aching, I thought the Forever Young was fitting and dedicated to Kevin. It ended up being a pretty good version for us as we usually fail on that song. I was playing my Red Squire Stratocaster and wasn't liking the tone of it and or my amp all night long. Seems like I was fighting for sound instead of my instruments presenting me with the sounds I need. It's why you have to go to every show. Finally, I also present Drew with a Cityscape oil painting I painted with him in mind.

Freak Out!