Smash Studios A


The Rock Trio of Kevin, Larry and Bill Sloan keep hope alive.

It was a struggle to get this jam going, but with last week already missed, it was a cultural imperitive that this jam was played.   Kevin and I were all prepared to do a WeirWassermanStein duet jam at $30/hour but fortunately more was to come.  Bill Sloan was clutch enough to fillin and we kept the ship a float. In addition, Ferdinando was nice enough to give us a hour free since there were only three of us there or that we really only played 3 hours even though were relaxed in the room for five hours.

That seemed to be the feel of the jams for the night with this modest rock trio or trilogy, as was the theme of the night.   We jammed with a small setup just barely enogh to keep a float but more often than not we not only kept a float but were hydroplanning upon the skin of the freak.  Damn impressive job by both Kev and Bill.  While I felt like I was struggling to keep above water, I managed to stay above.

It was definately a challenging and therefore rewarding night of music as we played it.  It couldn't have been too pretty but it was tremendous practice that required lots of discipline.  Kevin played all songs without the book.   That was the other themem of the night.  It was an attempt to keep it simple, from the heart and alive.  It worked great.

We did have guests for the night who were Ken and his son JayBea.   I happened to call Ken Stu for an abnormally long time as I was spacing out in my own loserdom with Kevin.

Till next whenever if there is a whenever but on the surface of it, at a minimum next week will be vacant.