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Drew was on drums this week, after missing a couple of weeks in a row as Deadstein was playing the Bitter End with Lee on drums the week before. This week we already announced plans to do a combination Ace/Workingman's Dead tribute show so we went through many of those songs this week. Some were good others not-so much.

The ABC's we think of trying to come up with a new setlist. As we started with Alabama Getaway in the key of A, the Fonz's as well as every Canadian's favorite key, so I decided to try to play a series of songs starting with the next letter int he sequence as well as being in that key. Following Alabama Getaway in the key of A, we easily stumbled upon Ballad of a Thin Man in Bm. Easier to find the song than to play it as no one new exactly what the groove was supposed to be. Casey Jones in the Key of C was also harder to play than to find the song and the key combination. Having trouble in the key of D.,I stretched and decided to delve into a Dark Star which you play in the key of D disguised as A mixolydian. Likewise the subsequent Estimated Prophet in E major and/or F# Dorian was my substitute for E and F, really stretching the eligibility to be in the so-called series. By the time we came to the finish, I saw Gomorrah as a legitimate submission to get us to the finish line coming out of the Eyes of the World but my better instincts told me we would collapse under the weight of the transition into a Gomorrah at that time, and thereforeI chose the easy way out with a Music Never Stopped. I yeoman's efforts on the series but a better effort on the large medley early in the evening.

High Time was pretty good for us, and Rich did a better job singing the Easy Wind than we did playing it. Mexicali was pretty messy all around, with Andy trying to pound into our thick skulls about the need for the Em in the Chorus which we never play. I think I now how it. Dire Wolf was marginal sending Andy for his 10pm departure.

The rest of the night had me playing lead going through a bunch of smaller songs including several Dylan songs and some of the Workingman's Ace songs, not previously done in the jam. Decided to end on the Morning Dew which wasn't terrible, but I wasn't playing well enough at the moment to warrant to encroachment.

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