Carroll's 55th Street


Trying To Irons Out Wrinkles For Our Upcoming Bitter End Show

With the The Bitter End show on next week's horizon, we were still trying to figure out what and how to play for what may be no people next week. We had a setlist kind of set with trepidation being thrown around it. I can't say practicing it made me feel any better about any of it but away we will go. For this night at Carroll's Rennie was trying to get to the jam directly from a flight from CA and he managed to make it by 8:30 and were his arms tired. he missed the first 3 songs of the night and managed to have the energy to remain through the Bitter End.

The first three songs of the night were without Rennie to get us going. Getaway was powerful, this was with a solo Scott as Drew was teaching his students virtually in the hallway. He joined us for the Crazy Fingers Samson. Instrumentation, I had my new Ibanez AR520 and Andy was playing his new Strat. Both of us through Twins and I messed up on recording Rennie's guitar and got nothing from it. Sorry about that. I set Rich up with the volume pedal and that hopefully helped him out a bit. Rennie switched to his Neumannn mic early in the night and that thing definitely sounds good.

Rennie's first song was the Esau and I think that got us off to a good start, was solid, we focused on a slower , more deliberate groove and it helped. Likewise, the Here Comes Sunshine was really good, Rennie just needs to digest it better and not get confused by the poor implementation from my book. I gave it a fresh listen and have been reorienting my traditionally played Bob licks and I am in a much better place with that song. I think Aiko and Beat it were well played and all all set for next week. Help on the Way with Slipknot didn't give me too much confidence, but we worked on it a bit and I have also been working to upgrade my Bobby game on that song, so my new approaches still need refinement, but at least they are a better select of notes.

After getting sick of Slipknot practice, we somehow answered the challenge to Trister's "Deadstein Can't Play China Cat" and probably failed, it wasn't terrible but ended and a sputter. Speaking of Which Andy's night ended with the sputter as we did the China Doll to close.

The rest of the night it was up to me to play the leads. We practiced a few more songs for next week which were fine, it doesn't do me any good to practice not the Bob parts, but these are pretty simple songs. We got out of the rehearsal mode for hhe end of the night throwing shit to the wind to see what would blow back in our face. Never gonna play onMaggies Farm no more.

We'll be great at the Bitter End until the Bitter End, Freak Out!