The Bitter End


First Jam of 2022 Is a Show to No One

The New Year began like the old left off, the Pandemic is full swing and Deadstein trying to skirt it the best we can. This meant cancelling the first jam of the year last week due to exploding exposures and turning what was to be the beginning of a Deadstein 2nd Wednesday of the month residency at the Bitter End to a streaming show to some of our audience, and we played to a pretty empty room, as none of our friends and family were venturing out to see us during the pandemic. It doesn't mean we didn't get to play and jam well. Since they were prepared to have us stream I was all over the place with my video equipment, trying to get a soundboard feed. Recording at that place is very challenging to be kind. Having my video equipment in the sound booth, accessible only by ladder was difficult. I am amazed I came out with anything as I had no way to monitor the recording and it was a wing and a prayer that it would work. In the end, we had 4 camera angles for most of the show and the recording married with the 2-track soundboard was pretty good.

Hangin out after the show, Lee loaded his drums in his car and was hanging with us on the sidewalk. Next thing he turns around hand his car is gone. Towed to Brooklyn. What a bummer and an amazing thing that none of us noticed his car being towed right in front of us.

Freak Out!