Carroll's 55th Street


Lovelight Joins Us For Bitter End Rehearsal

With one last jam before our Bitter End gig on July 27, 2021, the girls of Lovelight rejoined Deadstein for a final rehearsal of the songs of the gig. While Andy and Drew were only able to join us for the first half of the night, we tried to get in all the songs that Lovelight would be joining us on during the show before they left. This worked out well and we played some good music, trying not to give everything we had so to save some for the Bitter End.

Halfstep opener seemed to be pretty easy to play as we are pretty good at that number by now. With Lovelight joining us there definitely is a more feminine feeling in the room with high pitched laughter and chatter, It is appropriate as many of the following songs are about women be it Loose Lucy, Ramble on Rose, the Brown-Eyed Women or the Smarter Women. In any case, there was a lot more about women in the night's jam than usual.The Three long segments to end the first set were pretty good even though we had a hick-up in the closing of the Playing. The Uncle John's and Wheel had some timing issues so we did those songs again in the second set.

We spent some time playing the Weather Report before embarking on a much more svelte second set. It started with the Uncle Johns which did feel better than our first set version. Estimated was a struggle but the Wheel was pretty solid and the Good Lovin' tended to be a lot of fun for all of us. Beat It was to remind us that we were to perform it next Tuesday and the Truckin' Goin Down the Road Saturday night was a nice way to end the night on a happy up beat note. Fun stuff and ready or not, we are set for the Bitter End.

Freak Out!