Tir Na Nog


Deadstein in the Heart of Town!

Did it go well? The morning after reviews say something:

From Rich P

I did have fun. I actually would've stayed to listen if it wasn't an early morning for me. Thanks for having me. Lots of great moments. I think you guys sound more like the dead than that other Grateful Dead band that I played with at city winery

From Kevin:

From Drew:

You guys were so grate last night. Very tight and so much fun

From Kevin:

I just had an energy drink and I don't have to go to work, so I think I'll type a little. Some thoughts: How fucking cool is it to manipulate reality? On any given Friday nite I would be on my couch, but this week we decide to rip a hole in the fabric of the mundane and let Deadstein out. Brilliant. How great is it to be old enough and experienced enough to pull it off in the comfortable, smart, professional way we did? ScottyBoy, my best tipsy old pal, you outdid yourself. You are a true NYC mover & shaker. You combined elements from all your worlds and did the impossible. You got Deadstein our of Carroll's and into the light. Great work. Love you. Rennie, literally could not do it without you. You are the missing piece of Deadstein we have been waiting for. Your talent and skill-set are impressive and greatly appreciated. Thank you for the logistical efforts. Trister, my reluctant and obstinate Jerry, you muthafukin' killed it. Thanks for trusting us. You sounded great and like I told you years ago, we'll hold it down and you fucking rip it up!!! Love 'ya. StaggerLee, I'm so glad I was involved in busting your performance cherry. Your fills we're fast and 2 & 4 prevailed effortlessly. That's how to have fun. Love playing with you. Brotpen, as the official Shaman of Deadstein, your enVESTment in keeping the levels of Freak at the highest levels paid off. And as usual your, musicianship is greatly appreciated. Were you fall all over yourself? Drew, your "New Man" energy and enthusiasm have a great rejuvenating effect on Deadstein. Truly enjoying your participation. You played great. Thank you. Welcome. TheGind, my partner-in-Freak, not much to say that we don't say every week, but I will say this....I have no I vision of what the future holds for me on a daily basis or long term, but I do see us playing together in diapers in the nursing home. Woo.

From Rich B:

Thanks for asking...

Freak Out