Smash Studios A


Mini Tyler Moore turned the world on with her voice while Larry turned them off with his leads.

There were no guests and in addition no Andy T although we did have Mini-Tyler Moore in the Room.  Her and Rich warmed up for a while before the Jam.  Since there was no Trister I was the only guitarist and took full advantage of it.  Having a ball playing every lead.  I was using the VOX and it sounded pretty good for most of the night.  I even hurt my fingers playing so hard a few times.  Lots of good music, lots of good songs even if Kevin blows smelly burps in my face.

Just so I can refer to this later, this was the recording setup.

  1. Mini Tyler Moore
  2. Rich
  3. None
  4. Dave
  5. Larry Guitar - SM57 Vox Modelling Amp
  6. Floor Tom - AKG C1000S
  7. Rich Keys Left
  8. Rich Keys Right
  9. Kevin Bass - Senn 421
  10. Kick Drum - AKG D112
  11. Snare - AKG Clip on
  12. Overhead - Neumann KM 184
  13. Tom Small - SM75
  14. Tom Big SM57

Till next Monday at Smash Studios A