Carroll's 55th Street


Howie Ganbarg Shows Up to See Some Core 4 in Studio 7

Carroll's has been getting crowded lately with Waitress, School of Rock, U2, Stevie VanZandt, Deadstein and more. It's a good thing they expanded and last week Deadstein played its first jam in one of Carroll's new flagship rooms. This was Studio 7 all the way in the back where they sell 3-dollar beverages like iced coffee. Nevertheless, Studio 7 while appointed nicely and sounding beautifully flat, it was missing air conditioning and physical space.

Due to scheduling issues, it was going to be a Core-4 Deadstein experience with Lee on the drums. If we were any bigger, the studio would have felt very crowded. For the 4 of us it was perfect and the closeness and the lack of reverb in the room provided a great host for our sound. Only interrupted by the din of the fan necessitated by the lack of air conditioning.

Since it was only the four of us we got there early and started early since the room is crowded and not too comfortable just to hang out in and shoot the breeze. It was also Lee's birthday jam and off a recent Clapton concert at the Garden, the Lee birthday setlist that was filled with 1-4-5 blues ad rock songs harkening back to the Clapton concert. The Getaway Promised Land was such and opener and even though it was just the four of us, we had a nice full sounding rock and roll band quality to us.

At the end of Promised Land, Howie and Sherri made their long-awaited appearance at Deadstein. Howie began calling songs like a pro, Shakedown Big River opener, and Deadstein gave it to them big. A few hugs, a few questions, a few pictures and few more songs and they were out of there after the Come Together and Deadstein resumed with its normal corse of business.

The music was surprising us all in its overall quality. Obviously not the best Deadstein ever but giving you everything you could ever ask out of Deadstein

Freak Out!