Carroll's 55th Street


It's Monday Night and Stagger Lee was In the House

It was Monday night jam this week with no Scott, but Stagger Lee was there to beat on the drums in his place. I commented to Lee during the jam that it seems like he had been doing a little practicing at home as he seemed quite comfortable all night. Alan was there through the excellent 12-song first set and then departed. Andy stayed for the estimated Terrapin portion of the second set then bolted leaving just the few remaining hardy souls to complete the night, which we did nice and strong. It was another excellent night of Deadstein music, more songs than jams, which leaves me wanting for more. Mark was nice enough to have a couple of pizza delivered right as the first set break came to be. Listen to the receital of the "We're gonna take a short break, and will be back in a few minutes" by Kendall at the end of Saturday Night.

Freak Out!