Carroll's 55th Street


Unleavened Deadstein With a Wo-Bunny-Hop

Stagger was in the house to join us this week and we had our fun contingent to start. Then we started falling like flies. First Alan departed after the Loser, or so. Scott was taken down by the Wo-Hop egg-roll that Mark so graciously Ubered up to us from Chinatown. I personally loved the beef lo-mein on my way home. Exhibiting tremendous dextery eating with chop-sticks. Scott bounced back though and only sat out the Shakedown. He probably missed quite a bit of the Joey. With 12 verses in that epic, there's opportunity to stray. Andy left after the Ripple leaving only me on guitar to close. The during my takedown of the recording equipment, Kendall lead the band on her own. Time to get a gig-bag.

Just heard the Greatest Story and Andy threw us a nice barrage in the lead. Woo. That was also a first for Kendall with us. Love new songs! Weather Report Suite, Might As Well China Doll and Joey were also new ones this week. While the music wasn't perfect, there were lots of good jamming moments to make the trip all worth while. Keeping you longing for more and more each and every week.

Freak Out!