Carroll's 55th Street


26th Anniversary Jam with milenial guests, Josh and Roy

Following the holidays and getting into 5777, Deadstein itself was recognizing it's 26th anniversary from it's first jam on 10-9-1990. Our 27th year started with the four winds blowing as a couple of millennial joined the establishment with Josh joining Scott on drums and Roy from Queens, first time long time, joining us for the second half of the jam as Alan departed for that segment. There was a little overlap. Rich was embarking upon one of his other experiments so it's really up to Kevin and I to keep keep rolling away the dew as wildflowers seed on the sand and stone as long as we keep playing. Keeping America Grateful is what is what it is all about.

The night started strong with a nice sounding Shakedown Street where I think we had a nice tone to the band in the keyboardless configuration. There were lots of good movements, some new and interesting ones also as we had Roy debuiting with us and some clunkers. I wasn't ready for the Liberty, I know that for sure and a few others, That's why you have to got to every show and when you get confused you listen to the music play.

Make America Grateful Again