Carroll's 55th Street


Thursday Before Memorial Day in Sunny and Dark

Thursday night Deadstein before the Memorial Day Weekend has a feeling like summer is around the corner. We started with the Here Comes Sunshine in honor of the pending season. This went unexpectedly into an It's All Over Now. It went into it so fast that no one had time too be bummed about it. As such, it had its own good feel to it. Big Boss Man was well done, with growl and authority. The Birdsong was over twenty minutes, no thanks to a bad decision to play a some very bluesy riffs in the middle of the jam. Queen Jane was a nice little song to play around on before taking a plunge into the 30-minute Dark Start Note Fade - Going Down the Road , Not Fade combo. That had its moments and ended the first set and Alan's time with us for the night.>/P>

For the second set I decided to do the Lazy Lightning and would play both lead guitar and B-34 organ at home in over-dub manner. There we problems in the Lazy Lightning, as well as moments, which is the way the second set was, not all that inspiring, fill with flaws and potential. That's why you have to go to every show.

Making America Grateful Again