Carroll's 55th Street


The Ides of March jam has it moments.

This night opened with a 34 minute Feel Like a Bird-Cassidy-Song Stranger combo which had some good jamming. I had confidence to let the first song of the night o a nice distance as I pulled the medley out of my ass. The only real issue was getting back into the Stranger to close the whole thing, but once there, we kicked it into high-gear and finished it up like champs. We slowed down next with a Like a Road but it wasn't enough to compensate for the rousing as Alan sat out the following song, Same Thing, to catch his breath a bit. He also only stayed though the end of the first set closer, Lazy Lightning. Speaking of which, that had some good feel to it as Kevin didn't over power the groove as much as usual

The second set was anchored by a 5-song medley featuring 2 Jerry Ballads and 3 Bob rockers. We also played a few Beatles songs including Thins We Said Today which we discussed was one of Deadstein's first non-Dead songs we ever played. I threw in the Robert Johnson Love In Vain to close which was in Vain.but we still are trying to Make America Grateful Again. Freak-Out