Carroll's 55th Street


Another Week with a Massive First Set Medley and no Alan for Set 2

Kevin has been pushing to open the night with something we do well and which is of significance, as a way to et us going. It worked this week as we opened with the Chinacat Sunflower into I Know You Rider. It was pretty good and launched us into the night. Speaking of launched,I continued with our efforts of recent to do a big first set medley of many songs for many minutes and this week was our biggest effort to date. An Estimated Eyes in and of itself is a large adventure but that was just the opening of this 70 minute jam. It was followed by another sandwich, like last weeks' Dark Star sandwich, but this week's sandwich was a Stella Blue hoagie on an Other One bun with Dark Star garnish. It was all followed by a topping of Not Fade Away to close the mini-set. Following this we played a nice Here Comes Sunshine into Cumberland Blues followed by a Lazy Lightning to close the first set. With that with bid Alan a fare=adieu.

Without Alan participating, we started with the Garcia Band mode with the Rhapsody in Red and It Takes A Lot to Laugh. The attempt to play Havah Nageliah was not without its flaws, to say the least, but showed some fun to be had with that song. We got a little political, as it the season, lated in the set with a rarely played Revolution and Throwing Stones. We closed on a more personal note going into the the Cold Rain and Snow and Touch of Grey. Another big night of Deadstein as winter is coming to a close.

Making America Grateful Again. Freak-Out