Carroll's 55th Street


No Rich but the Train Rolled On

Scott was back this week but Rich was out of town. This meant a whole lot of singing for me so take the week with a grain of salt. All of that takes a good deal of concentration on my part as my eyes focusing on small type in the song book gets difficult at times. In any case, we did pretty well for the night, performing 18 songs. Some big songs, some small ones. Lots of good beefy Bob songs while giving the Sailor Saint and Lazy Lightning a week off.

Four of the songs were about trains for some reason which was not purposesly done, but it just happened. Likewise we did 3 Dylan songs without a bat of the eye.

Without the piano mic in the mix, the recording seems a big more open and crisp. There is lots of good music with many major flaws, if you could look past the flaws it's worth a listen. That's about all I'm gonna say so "Freak Out"

This animated gif from a jam years ago was automatically generated for me by uploading all my photos to Photos.Google.Com. Great stuff.