Carroll's 55th Street


Bayside Alan Is Our Gift on the 2nd Night of Hanukah

As it is coming down to the end of the year we got together on the second night of Hanukkah. Our gift for the evening was Bayside Alan who played with us throughout the whole night as our normal Alan, or abnormal as it may be, could not make the jam. It was good to play with Allan this evening as we haven't played together in quite some time so it was a real treat for us.

For the first song, Sugaree, I discovered a technical glitch with Kevin's direct box. It just provided some crackling with on-and-off signal to the recording so for the Sugaree I took what ever signal I had and mutilated it, smashed it up, twisted it about and turned it into what you hear. Fortunately I discovered the issue early on in the evening and we switched from using the direct box to just putting what was a kick drum microphone in front of his smaller bass cabinet; which was on top of the big one. It sounded okay I guess.

The rest of the first set contains the proverbial butcher shop's assortment of high quality meats un to the Don't Ease Me in to cap the first set with a garnish.

The second set started with a nice Aiko into a 5-song closing medley followed by the Midnight Moonlight as a finisher. It was a very enjoyable evening of music. I think we got some more solid groove going in some songs, Let It Grow, in particular that provided some nice foundations for the jamming.

We played a lot of jams in 2014 and we have a couple to get through during the closing of the holiday season, and with that I say "Freak Out!"