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First Set
  • Bertha
  • C.C. Rider
  • Tennessee jed
  • I Need A Miracle
  • They Love Each Other
  • Mama Tried
  • Duprees Diamond Blues
  • Cosmic Charlie
  • Let It Grow->
  • Deal

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Next Jam: August 14th with the Pos.

The Freak is Dead.  Long Live The Freak
  • It was the second night in our new midtown home. It is still clearly a new environment that we are still getting used to. Parking, eating, sound, timing, cleaning,egress, etc are all still issues that we have to both improve on and get used to.
  • It is going to take extraordinary efforts on many people's parts to cozy ourselves into our newly furnished den. Scott has certainly put forth and is a proud pup for it. I wish it was mine. I glad I feel like it is.
  • Jonathan certainly deserves a a big hand. Dwarfed by the mighty urban jungle, he roamed the unsettling neighborhood, to the north, south, east and west. The freak prevailed on his trek yet only to temp Deadstein's insatiable thirst. Nevertheless, it is worthy of special recognition.
  • In addition, the Freak brought his own little freak Kwok Ming from that financial institution from the far east. He stayed for a few songs starting with the Mama and shared some oranges for good luck.
  • We all put our collective minds together to figure out how to technically put a PA system together. I first collective brain trust for Deadstein. Let's hope it all works out. I don't see why it shouldn't.
  • I'm counting on this system to start to elevate us a bit toward taming our sound. Maybe with Kevin's freaking out by the vortex enabled Deadstein, it will to a recognition that you don't have to create a storm to enable a climate.
  • Kevin placed his bass amp in front of the drums and played directly in front of his amp and the drums. At first it freaked him out. He tried to run. Then he got used to it. Then it really freaked him out. Being at the brewing center of a circular Deadstein is almost Deadly.
  • We will improve and hone our sound starting next week. Well maybe not next week. I'm sure the Wild Freaky Pos is not the calm blue sky I am talking about. Kevin's going DOWN!
  • I think the marker board worked really well during the Jed.
First Set Comments:
  • The Tennessee Jed was very good. I feel it was our first good song at WWI. It had tough and power at the right time. I think it was during the Jed that Kevin was in the Eye of the Storm, floating on a cool breeze.
  • The Miracle was the force with the raptor screams that almost blew him off his feet.
  • The Transition into the Love Each Other never happened. It was a song without a groove because it was traversed by too many.
  • Mama moved but not smoothly.
  • It was our first Cosmic Charlie ever and one of the best songs of the night. Scott has been calling for this song for a little while now and he found the write up on the Net so we had no excuse not to play it. Well, Kevin had an excuse since had never heard it before. It worked really well and was cool.
  • Let It Grow was windy, blustery and just a wild storm to ride. I liked it a lot.
  • Deal was cut a bit short because of the Gyros II we were all eagerly waiting to bite into with the arrival of the nomadic Freak Boy.
Half Time Comments:
  • We thought the Freaky delivery boy came back with the Hellenic Jewels. Instead we got a Trojan Horse, so our fearless Ulysses was on his merry way. Instead getting this claymation example of slop that you get from the place that does it Greek style, the Freak Boy Stardust Dine-O-Mat - Click to See the Menuveered off course to a beautiful site in Time Square. Bright lights, commercialism and food in the style of the red, white and blue. A restaurant that reeks of Americana proved to all of us that us Yankees have nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to fine cuisine. It is tough to get a better meal. Jonathan spotted this place a mile away and knew it would be right for us. I have a feeling that Deadstein and Stardust Dine-O-Mat are going to have a great relationship.
  • The Stardust Dine-O-Mat proved to be a worthy adversary for Deadstein's ferocious appetite. As a matter of fact, the burger was so beefy, it did Scott in. The place was cheap yet the quality we were looking for. They used ample quantities of salt so everthing had all of their flavors coming out.
  • A BLT that was triple deckered, toasted beautifully and loaded with bacon for $4.25 is a true treasure.
  • Fries and gravy that are well done round out a nice place to pig out. I'm looking forward to more. Gyro, Schmyro!
  • I was wrong about the dessert. I posted the menu so check it out and get you order prepared.
  • CloudsThere was just a slight sense of warmth. It was comfortable in there and I assume for the most part, weather will not be a factor in this place.
    General Comments
Talk it up. Be nice. please say something or I will loose my desire to write these things up. Fill in the deatils, the fun little stories that I cannot remember. The little things like Allison calling exactly as the last note of the first set ends

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Name: Menaker
Date: 8/8/97
Time: 4:03:03 AM


I thought the Let It Grow was ferocious. Check out the wings on the Dine-O-Mat menu. Look familiar at all? Yes, the Jesus wings from the big guitar. Dine-O-Mat was fateful, predermined. Johnny was pushed, not pulled to Times Square. And "Oh, those mashed potatoes!"...

Date: 8/8/97
Time: 8:42:18 AM


I always knew that Deadstein had the ability to conjure-up magic and affect the natural order of elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, etc.), but I never experienced the full force of our power like this before. I also think that our new home is situated right over a weak spot in the fabric of time and space. We have our equipment set up in a circle (Stonehengesque) and we are standing in the center. Last week the Amps were along one half of the circle facing the drums and there was balance, this week my Bass Amp was placed in front of the drums facing in - and directly back towards the Guitar Amps - Unbalance. This configuration instigated a maelstrom of sound pressure to form within our magic circle. I felt I was being lifted off my feet by the vortex and I was going to go right through the ceiling (A-la-Poltergeist)—Pretty cool, Huh?! Deadstein is mighty. For those who have not heard, we have a PA. It seems as if it is going to be an unexpectedly good sound system. --‘Ya got to love the way things work out (never say never). The new Deadstein "Wall of Freak" should ease a lot of our aural and environmental discomforts. Get into it!

Name: Jonathan Long
Date: 8/8/97
Time: 9:45:12 AM


I'd like to thank L. Gindoff for his wonderful comments and appreciation regarding my catering of drink and food. My inspiration comes from the joy I feel when I hang out with you crazy guys. I'm thrilled that the Dine-O-Mat has gone over so well with everyone. I'm looking forward to a burger and a BLT myself (I had a turkey dinner). But let's hear it for the Gind. The posting of the menu is sheer genius. Look at it. It is beautiful. I feel like ordering something from it right now. Let's talk music for a bit. How about the They Love Each Other. The tempo was way fast and I loved it. Did anyone else enjoy it? Tell me about it. I am pushing hard for this up-tempo thing. If nothing else, it makes it easier for me to dance and to dance well. Well, better than I usually dance. Bye-bye.

Name: Paul Pos
Date: 8/8/97
Time: 12:22:08 PM


Batten down the midtown hatches...The Pos man is coming to town. Armed with a sax and delay, he plans to whip your head into a gyro melt with extra yogurt. Get into that!

Name: Larry B
Date: 8/8/97
Time: 1:36:17 PM


The finest posting in the history of the greatest underground site on the Web This week did settle in at the Jed The Board is great if Kevy remembers to look at it. The drummers started TLEO at an intersesting uptempo groove. I kept looking for the original 73 bridge but it wasn't in the book. Cosmic charlie had it's 1st time played specialness. Long Live Deadstein @ WWI

Name: Rich Brotman
Date: 8/8/97
Time: 2:44:20 PM


In reply to Johnny's comments, I have no beef with the rather sprightly tempo for They Love Each Other. However, if that 's the road you want to ride then the band has to play the pre-hiatus approach like was done in 1971. This is more akin to playing Second That Emotion. When they brought the song back certain licks and things only work at the slow tempo. I don't think you can just take post-1976 approach and play it faster. The phrasing doesn't work. So like Friend Of The Devil which also has a fast and a slow option, it's either one way or another, and column A or column B should be chosen before emarking on the countdown.

I'm looking forward to maiden voyage of the new P.A.

Name: Menaker
Date: 8/8/97
Time: 3:16:22 PM


It's like when we play "Dancin' in the Streets", we switch between 77' and '85, back and forth, as we play. It's hillarious! ;)

Name: Jonathan Spitz
Date: 8/8/97
Time: 8:58:02 PM


Sounds like the insanity is intact, alive and well. Live long and prosper...see y'all soon.

Name: Scott
Date: 8/11/97
Time: 7:50:36 PM


I wonder what C.C. would sound like if we all new how the tune went. Like Barney says " Just Imagine" I thought we had it going. Thanx...... Lets here it for Kevy leaving his lovely family in the hamptons to be with his freaky extended family on 38th street. WOOOO. Speaking of family The Brent's and Gibsons traveled for the 2nd gathering on the mountain in the poconos. Although there were two members of the family that were not there. Matthew was still at camp, and Johnny was to take the bus up on Sunday for me to pick him up near the site at some coffee shop. But then we got the call at 8am to say that the woman at Port Authority must have given Johnny the wrong info. He was told that no buses go to that area on Sunday. Well I must say they both were surely missed. Maybe next year Deadstein can show a little more pressence? A freaky time was had. Going to the Yankee game with Johnny 8/12. Hoping he gives Yankee stadium a little freakiness.

Name: Kwok-Ming
Date: 8/13/97
Time: 10:03:22 AM


Thanks for letting me enjoy the great music. Best of luck in your new place. Peace, Love, and Happiness guys!!!

Name: Scott
Date: 8/13/97
Time: 7:16:44 PM


For those of you who have never been to a Yankee game with Johnny are by all means missing out on a treat. First of all I invited Johnny to the game to sit in prime field level seats. After about the first inning of being uncomfortable in the box seats,Johnny asked me if I would like to go to his section? I let Johnny be the tour guide for the night. He showed me and the rest of Yankee stadium the best of times. He came equipt with his 17" beautiful frame drum that sounded so amazing amungst the echo of the stadium. He then all of a sudden got up and started the famous freak dance and grabbed the attention of our section and then the entire stadium by being caught on Diamond Vision not once or twice but try 5 times. He got such a response that people started coming over from other sections just to be part of the freakiness, and of course to be on camera. Johnny got a kick out of these 15 or 16 year old girls who really got into his moves. I then told the girls to get on either side of Johnny and be his "JOHNETTES" They gave it him BIG. I never had such a good time at a baseball game in my life. Thank G-d we didn't have to make use of the port holes to hide the evidence. Johnny thinks of everthing.

Name: Jonathan Long
Date: 8/14/97
Time: 9:32:44 AM


Thank you Scotty for making the evening possible. You were my inspiration. How abo ut when we were on our way out of the Stadium. Little kids were coming up to me and saying "I thaw you on TV." That was good closing action. Even though the "Jonettes" didn't make it on to the big screen, it was probably the most interesting dancing of the evening. They were flanked to my left, right and behind and attempted to mimick my freak dancing. Good stuff. I especially enjoyed the 5 ten-year olds all wearing similar Yankee player shirts and shouting cheers. They were so cute.