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First Set
  • Might As Well
  • Mama Tried
  • Tennessee Jed
  • Cassidy
  • Candyman
  • Big River
  • Scarlet begonias
  • Looks Like Rain
  • Must Have Been the Roses (cut)
Second Set
  • Brown-Eyed Women
  • Promised Land
  • Hard to Handle
  • Eyes of the World
  • C.C. Rider
  • Good Lovin'

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Kevin's Set List
Next Jam:
  • Due to a lot going on, we had to settle for a Wednesday night jam that left Scott out so he could take care of the kinder. We all appreciate his sacrifice.
  • With that said, it was a one drummer evening. Larry did a quite Admiral Job, oh that's right they closed, an Alta Job.
  • This is all symbolic of the demise of us. The pending doom of Deadstein could be felt in the room. It is even prevalent in Kevin's artistic rendering of a set list.
  • Rich Brotman was there for the second set. Since it was Wednesday, he could enjoy his anniversary on Thursday and play with us. It was the first time in a while that we saw him.
  • Dennis wasn't in town.
  • I got there just a little after 7:00 but we still got a nice amount of songs in.
First Set Comments:
  • It was one of our most coherent Might as Wells
  • I liked the Mama Tried. I loved the tempo. Good Job Larry
  • The Jed was wacky, I played it in an abnormally freaky way with lots of feedback and wave. You have to have fun don't you? We only have 7 weeks left. I may never use my amp again.
  • The Cassidy was nice. We all commented on why we don't just jam on that forever and that there was no reason to end a jam. T jam was just so relaxing and enjoyable.
  • I told Larry that I liked the way Coffee-Boy played the Candyman the last time he played with us.
  • We joked that we were not going to end the Scarlet, like we discussed after the Cassidy, but we did. It was a nice spacey jam anyway. Even when we ended the Scarlet no one really ended it.
  • The Trio made us prune the Roses. Just a minor thorn in an otherwise blossoming set. Good thing the Begonias didn't keep on growing.
Half Time Comments:
  • Memphis Trio Pizza - Sal (who else).Sausage Pie. Kevin said it was the best ever. It was very good, a crispy crust always helps any pie.
  • The was a spaghetti a la bologna. It looked like it was freakin' enjoyable.
  • Heroes of the veal and Meatball variety
  • Plenty of Sodas
  • I do not recall any desserts. Maybe that helped us make it to a second set. It may have been Scott's lack of exuberant prodding toward getting the most of our halftime feast. You gotta blame Scott for impregnating the food monster. Then you have to blame Kevin for making it so disgusting.
  • Mike Katzman made a showing for the beginning of the second set.
Second Set Comments: Brrp! Ahhh! Help me! Are we really going to play? Boy it's cold in the studio. I want dessert! What are we going to cut out? Shit, I wished I washed my hands. My eye is bulging out of my socket. Damn us to Hell!
  • We continued the seconds set from the leftovers of the first. The Brown-Eyed and Promised Land were real nice. They moved and grooved and danced to the music, uh-huh, babe. It's a Freakin' Machine.
  • Kevin was a basket case by the end of the second set. He may have been playing from his knees.
  • The Hard To Handle was a "add-to-list" feature. It was pretty hot.
  • Eyes was when Kevin started going down, and it pulled us down a bit with him.
  • I think the C.C. Rider was good
  • The Good Lovin' really moved and was tight. A good wake up call for the dreaded ride home.
  • CloudsIt was a hot night outside and it did get very warm at times in the room. But if we all think about it, there will be hotter days.
General Comments
Talk it up. Be nice. please say something or I will loose my desire to write these things up. Fill in the deatils, the fun little stories that I cannot remember. The little things like Allison calling exactly as the last note of the first set ends

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Name: Menaker
Date: 6/11/97
Time: 11:46:07 PM


Who's that guy in the purple shirt?

Name: ducky (nice name?)
Date: 6/13/97
Time: 6:46:05 PM


it's a nice site but it doesn't say where you guys play anywhere on this site that i could find......

Name: danielle
Date: 8/6/97
Time: 7:43:13 PM


when are you playing in new york (or to narrow it down, the westchester area)? lot's of fans here. let me know.