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First Set
  • Feel Like a Stranger
  • Sugaree
  • Little Red Rooster
  • Dupree's Diamond Blues
  • Lost Sailor->
  • Saint of Circumstance
  • Jack-a-Roe
  • Playing in the Band->
  • Let it Grow->
  • Liberty
  • Greatest Story Ever Told->
  • DealJerry Cartoon

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Kevin's Set Drawing - Faces upon faces
Next Jam:Thursday, June 12 1997
  • Jerry CartoonStandard arrangement, Jonathan was there and Brotman is still MIA.
  • This was the first jam since we knew that Jerry's birthday, on August 1st, is to be Eviction Day from our beloved studio. We were determined to play hard and long while sacrificing our hedonistic eating barrage. Well needless to say, we sacrificed in a poor manner by accepting deli ychhchh but we did play hard. We played like we were never going to play again. With real meaning. We kept tempos as strong as we ever have. We played with meaning more so than ever. Unfortunately, we never made it through a tiny food break after the Deal. It's okay because it was a very satisfying evening as we played as well as ever. Menaker didn't like it.
  • I have to give Kevin credit for assembling a very powerful set. I've been giving him shit for incoherent juxtaposition of songs recently but he turned it around this week.
First Set Comments:
  • Larry Brent CartoonWe played the Rooster like we weren't going to get to play again. We are getting good at that song.
  • Sailor Saint was good for how we do it. A little more practice we'll be good at it. Too bad we are running out of time. Tick-Tock Tick-Tock.
  • The Jack-a-Roe groove was fast from the start and maintained really well. We really sustained a bopping be throughout the entire song.
  • Playing was nice. Original, free flowing but with a purpose. It transitioned fairly into Let it Grow.
  • Someone said the Let it Grow was rusty. Well, there may have been a ferric crust on it, but it still shined from underneath.
  • The Liberty was great, almost flawless with a great beat.
  • Greatest Story was pretty well done. Powerful and accurate.
  • The Deal went down. What are you going to do?
Half Time Comments:
  • There was no half time to speak of. The food encompassed various sporadic deli trips. Unorganized and unappetizing, we preparing ourselves for the future.
  • CloudsThe weather was beautiful
  • It was a comfortable spring day.
  • We shall never write about cold weather at Ganesvoort again.
General Comments
Talk it up. Be nice. please say something or I will loose my desire to write these things up. Fill in the deatils, the fun little stories that I cannot remember. The little things like Allison calling exactly as the last note of the first set ends

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Name: Larry G.
Date: 6/7/97
Time: 9:23:46 PM


By the way, I just heard the Stranger on the way home from HHW Day and it was amazing. the ending jam had a great soothing intermeshing feedback orion thing happening that just exploded. As a matter of fact I remember during the last whip where we end the song thinking during each of the four ending bars not to blow it, and on each one the drums were perfectly setting us up, then when we were going into the F#m I was thinking this is too good don't blow it. of course that gave e the lack of confidence I needed to think for some reason we were going into a C#m and not and F#m. At least I was just silent oin the F#m and didn't ruin it.

Just a little funny battle of my mind I thought I would share with you.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 6/7/97
Time: 10:51:29 PM


If you check last weeks page you will see Paul Pos signed in and is reminding us that he is in on 8-14-97 and needs to play. It's just something to think about

Name: Menaker
Date: 6/9/97
Time: 9:49:14 AM


We need a place to play with Pos....

Name: Larry G.
Date: 6/9/97
Time: 9:13:04 PM


I just spoke to the Wind (Brian) today and he and his wife, Joannie, just had a baby girl Elliana on June 2, 1997. The Wind delivered all 20.5 inches himself, which amassed to 6 lbs 13.5 oz. Every one is doing fine

Congratulations from from one and all to one and all.

Name: Menaker
Date: 6/10/97
Time: 10:24:37 AM


We're they trapped in an elevator or is the Wind a doctor?

Name: Paul Pos
Date: 6/11/97
Time: 2:11:36 PM


What's this I hear? Eviction from Gansvoort? Unbelievable! I thought the streets of NYC would cave in before you stopped playing at POS central. And what's Dennis going to do? Put himself up for adoption at Bid-A-Wee "near potty trained cellar dog seeking warm basement and lot of love". Couldn't you wait 2 weeks until after I show up? What a bummer :{ . "if the thunder don't get you the eviction notice will..." Sharing your loss, Pos