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Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Dear Larry. Happy Bithday to you. How old are you now? How old are you now? How old are you now? How old are you know. Blow out the candles, harder. Yeah! I want a rose! Get that candle out of your nose, I'll clean it up. For the love of . . .Uggh. I hate birthdays.

First Set

Uncle johns>
To Lay Me Down
El Paso
Dark Hollow
Box of Rain

Larry Brent

Second Set

Cold Rain & Snow
Lazy River Road
She Belongs to Me>

Next Jam: Thursday, March 6, 1997
It's Thursdays not Tuesday, Larry's MCMUA meeting on Tuesday.


  • It is the official Larry Brent Birthday Show, mark it because he won't get another one.
  • We decided to do an acoustic evening of Brentisms.
  • Larry M. Set up the room beautifully for when we got there. It was really comfortable playing so called acoustic.
  • I'll try not to get too qualitative about the playing in these sections, I'll leave that up to the comment section.
  • No guests what-so-ever. Dennis was barely there but did join during the Bertha in usually Dennis style of joining in about one verse from the end of the song. Brotman wasn't even in the room.
  • It made the whole evening much more intimate than we usually are. Probably because Larry & Scott were right there.
  • The drums sounded really good you could hear and enjoy them both.

First Set Comments:

  • Uncle John's a bit rough just from the perspective of getting used to it all but it was in no way bad.
  • Truckin' was pretty cool, also a bit rough.
  • Except for a few good moments in Truckin', I don't think we achieved that good of an acoustic sound and groove until Dark Hollow and equaled by the Box of Rain. I mean we made it through El Paso but I want someone to say it was comfortable and mean it.
  • Even the Direwolf wasn't as comfortable as last week's.
  • Birdsong was pretty cool, it wasn't that comfortable so I think we just let it go further and further out, but not out of control. I got to give us credit for a pretty cool Birdsong.
  • Ripple Brokedown was nothing that good.
  • The set called for a Good Night Irene that was preempted by the Memphis Trio.

 Half Time Food & Comments:

  • Sicilian well done 1/2 sausage, 1/2 mushroom. Good pizza!!!
  • Super Slick 40 Chicken Rolls w/ dipping sauce. Everyone loved them but the we a few left over.
  • Garlic knots, bigger and drier than usual but were above average in the end. Which means no one touches this garlic knots.
  • Larry B' ran for desserts. Combo Drakes and Hostess assortment. Drakes had the new found imitation Hostess Cupcake called something like a Frosted Iced Cupcake. Well anyway although they were smaller they were better than the hostess. Not the be undone, Hostess came up with an imitation yodel that now tops the original. It had a thick and crispy coating that was compared To a dove bar. I didn't buy it.
  • Grape Snapples, Dr. Peppers, Cokes for all.
  • Pre-jam Pork Rinds and Caramel Corn snacks and iced cold. snapples.

Second Set Comments: Brrp! Ahhh! Help me! Are we really going to play? Boy it's cold in the studio. I want dessert! What are we going to cut out? Shit, I wished I washed my hands. My eye is bulging out of my socket. Damn us to Hell!

  • The only song we didn't play that was on Kevy's list was a Terrapin
  • Lazy River Road was very nice had the good acoustic sound.


  • It was pretty cold in the room, Scott was hogging Kevy's heater but Johnny figured out the warehouse to studio heating system and it warmed up eventually.

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Date: 2/26/97
Time: 1:31:26 PM


As in all things Deadstein, last nites acoustic romp should not be qualified, nor analyzed, it should be taken at face value. It was a refreshingly fun experience. The playing happened to be confident and furious--and ya' can't complain about that. The contingent in the room that craves "smallness" should be happy, it was like a munchkin convention in there-it was so small. Freakboy coming-up big again ! Now that's consistency ! The Trio was good, but I'm getting bored. There must be something more than pizza for us. (I sound like a soon-to-be heroin addict.) Krispy Kreme donuts are our destiny, we WILL have them. Oh yeah, happy birthday LarryB !

Name: larry b
Date: 2/26/97
Time: 2:20:37 PM


A very well played evening on all accounts Thanks to everyone for indulging my whims

Name: Menaker
Date: 2/26/97
Time: 2:24:30 PM


"it was like a munchkin convention" there really isn't more I can say that this statement doesn't cover. How are the tapes?

Name: Craig Jacobson
Date: 2/26/97
Time: 5:10:39 PM


Acoustic? Wow! This is the last time I miss Spent's birthday.

Name: Scott
Date: 2/26/97
Time: 8:58:40 PM


Happy Birthday L.B. Had a good time. Keys would have had a nice fill. Would still like to do an acoustic set using regular drum kits, acoustics turned up a wee bit ????? Krispy creme mmmmmmm wonder if they have munchkins?

Name: larry b
Date: 2/26/97
Time: 9:19:07 PM


The tapes are very good, they really capture the essence of the evening. I must say I thought the best songs of the 1st set were the Box, Birdsong and the To Lay Me Down, which I really loved. The 2nd set She Belongs to Me was also pretty good. Overall I would do it again but I Think it would have a little more kick with me on a steel guitar instead of the nylon, which I must say sounded fantastic

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