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First Set

  • Aiko-Aiko
  • C.C. Rider
  • Direwolf
  • Cassidy
  • Ramble on Rose
  • Me & My Uncle->
  • Mexicali Blues
  • Chinacat Sunflower->
  • I Know You Rider
  • Jerry's Guitar

    Second Set

  • Cumberland Blues
  • Crazy Fingers->
  • Other One->
  • Throwing Stones
  • Keep Your Day Job
  • Notes:

    • In an effort to increase the fluidity of this page as well as understanding the needs of those that regularly use this page to get what ever jollies they can out of the Internet, I have decided to only have one section devoted to the submission of feedback. There will no longer be separate section for submissions.
    • Larry Menaker had a bad back and only showed up to tell us that he couldn't play. He did look like Mr. Salty standing there.
    • Dave Schwartz was amply ready and able to stand-in, but in indubitable Dave Schwartz fashion he could only show up for the second set. That okay, he got in a great munch, one I Know he enjoys and played a great second set. It's always good to play with Dave again. He gives out beat a consistent veracity that we don't get in other places. I'll just make up words as I go along. It's Jewbonics.
    • All this praise is not to underestimate the accomplishments of Scott who not only held the fort by himself, but he almost won the battle. Yea, but in the end he was scalped by the Indians. Such is life Cocheese
    • Freakboy was there in all his glory
    • Dennis and Debbie showed up fresh off of a short London stint. Dennis played drums for the Aiko-Aiko
    • Spillboy showed for the first set only. I don't think he appreciated the the one drummer, it turned him off and he high tailed it out of town. It probably because I didn't break Canadian bread with him. What can I tell you, I'm a sourmash type of guy.

    First Set Comments:

    • Aiko and C.C. Rider seemed a bit weak. Even though it was warm outside, it was cold in the studio considering the outside temperature.
    • Direwolf seemed to be pretty solid. Not super fast bluegrass style, but at least comfortably grooving.
    • Cassidy is where we shined and displayed the great Deadstein arrogance in playing the song anyway we felt like taking it to at any moment. I was a very powerful yet free experience. You had to love it if you were part of it.
    • Ramble was well done but not our best.
    • Uncle/Mex was pretty good, especially the Mex., the beginning was excellent, Larry and I were right on in the intro and it was solid and exciting. The Uncle took some time to get going but it was good after a while, but the Mex is worth remembering. It helped that we played it last week.
    • Gotto admit, my Chinacat Bob part was one of my better ones, no bad mistakes and a good sound. It certainly help when we all play it together. It's a puzzling song in many respects, the least of which is the figurative meaning of puzzling, in the way we fit the pieces together. the way the lead in the E major chord fits together between all the pieces is amazing. It's like every piece is an edge.
    • Kevin wanted to chop the Rider short to preserve himself, but it was good and worth playing correctly. Well almost, Larry did sing the last verse before the last lead. Much to the Freakboy's chagrin.
    • We we supposed to play a Throwing Stones-> Day Job to close the first set but Katz was calling so it was postponed to the end of the second set.

     Half Time Food & Comments:

    • Katz Deli, we are talking big food. Before I give praise to this wonderful meal I first must thank Scott and Johnny for going and and performing this miraculous order. A very kind gesture from two kind people. Yeah!
    • Pastrami, what more can I say? Corned Beef, I can say it. Hot Dogs, gimme two, with the kraut. Kinishes, crunchy and delightful and fries in a paper bag. Katz. Katz Katz. I say hip-hip-hooray for Jim Orfenbaum and his wonderful deli. Topped with Dr. Browns, cole slaw and pickles and we had a meal. A meal fit to be eat on a garbage dumpster or two.

    Second Set Comments: Brrp! Ahhh! Help me! Are we really going to play? Boy it's cold in the studio. I want dessert! What are we going to cut out? Shit, I wished I washed my hands. My eye is bulging out of my socket. Damn us to Hell!

    • Well it was much different than the first set. It always feels different. Dave certainly added to that element, In a good way.
    • Cumberland was steadier than usual.
    • Crazy Fingers and the Other One were a surprise to me. But the were good, Crazy Fingers once it got going was smooth and comfortable. The other was great as usual. It wasn't too out of the ordinary in style but it had it's own few unique moments.
    • We took the Throwing Stones from the end of the first set and played it here. It was marginal a deteriorated as they went on. The jam in the throwing stones was pretty hot and all the breaks in it were well played.


    • Unseasonably warm outside, but the room retained much of it coldness from the previous weeks.. You could really feel the studio's coldness when you walked in from eating. Actually I had trouble warming up my hands during the first two songs of the first set.

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    Name: Scott
    Date: 2/20/97
    Time: 9:23:35 PM


    Hoping for a speedy recovery from the other drummer. He was well missed. It wasn't easy pounding for two, but kept things afloat for the first set. China /Rider was a challenge but I was pleased with the results. Cassidy had a great swirl going and was played well by all. Thank you to Mr. Schwartz for sittin in. Always a trip playin with him.How about the Crazy Fingers>Other One? Lets come up with a nice acoustic set list for L.B. birthday jam next week. S.G.

    Name: Larry G.
    Date: 2/20/97
    Time: 10:50:17 PM


    Are we really playing acoustic. I need true confirmation.

    How about the Superstar? ". . . Your guitar sounded so sweet and clear, but your not really here, it's just a radio."

    Name: KEVIN
    Date: 2/21/97
    Time: 8:58:57 AM


    Now this freakin' thing is working. Yesterday morning I wrote 5 paragraphs and it wouldn't post and I lost the whole thing - Damn it to hell ! MVP goes to Scottso for holding more than his own in the first set, quite a good job. For some reason I thought everyone's gear sounded amazingly good and genuine, I don't know why, but it did. A positive by-product of the Menaker/Fred Sanford back situation was the DD (designated drumming) of Big Dave Schwartz. I always love playing with that kid, and he played well. He was also in an uncharacteristically congenial and gregarious mood. Freakboy was pretty sedate, minimum dancing, wearing "civvies", no hyping local entertainment events, but he did contribute his usual vocal styling. And let's face it, just showing up is a fairly big deal for that little kid. The deli was OK, my brisket was dry, my knish was good, and I didn't throw-up. Sounds like Deadstein to me.

    Name: Menaker
    Date: 2/21/97
    Time: 10:15:17 AM


    Acoustic 1st set. It's happenning....

    Name: :Larry B
    Date: 2/21/97
    Time: 3:13:42 PM


    Kudos to Scottso for more than holding his own. Nice swirl on the Cassidy and the China>Rider was also quite good. Did anyone happen to notice my queasing voice of authenticity on the Ramble on Rose really sounded like the last show of a nine set Garden run I soundd like I almost bought the farm.


    Name: Scott
    Date: 2/21/97
    Time: 9:26:36 PM


    KEVY, just wanted to let you know we just came back from 2nd avenue deli. HOT OPEN BRISKET PLATTER smothered with brown sauce, fries, cole slaw, matza ball soup, Blintzas for the kids. Get out those Radio city tapes and put together a kind set

    Name: Larry G.
    Date: 2/22/97
    Time: 7:17:36 PM


    Kevin of wishes he had Raidio City. Forget about the acoustic stuff, 10/31/80 sawone of the great Jack traws amd Uncle Jons' Band (encore) of all time.

    For our acoustic set I would like to see Dark Hollow, Ripple, Good Night Irene, Direwolf. Just my wishes

    Name: Larry B
    Date: 2/23/97
    Time: 3:43:18 PM


    Kevy, here's my list

    1set acoustic

    Uncle johns> Truckin To Lay Me Down El Paso Direwolf Dark Hallow Box Of Rain Birdsong Ripple> Brokedown Goodnight Irene

    2nd set to follow

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