Perry Street


We got back to Dennis' at 162 Perry Street for the 2nd time.

Getting into a weekly groove, Deadstein some how found itself jamming back at our eventual first home, 162 Perry Street. Although Larry Menaker was really our connection to Dennis, he surprisingly doesn't jam with us at this week. That is what is so interesting about getting back to 162 Perry Street. This must have been one of those early jams where Dennis forgot we were coming and we woke him up when we arrived at the studio. The site of Dennis waking up for the day at 7pm was a pretty scary site.

We had Bruce Cohen playing drums besides Dave Schwatz. Bruce played with Larry Brent and I in his Brooklyn apartment during the summer of 1990 just prior to the formation of Deadstein. This recording is from a cassette that was a 2-track mixdown mixed live by Dennis. Boy how lucky were we to be jamming at 162 Perry Street with Dennis at the helm?