Carroll's 55th Street


A bunch of songs, not really a setlist, but a night a music

Once again this week we had everyone there to enjoy the festivities that is Deadstein and once again this week I hauled in my multi-track recording outfit to capture the sounds. As I have been mixing the music I haven't had too much time to stop to write about the evening, and now that it is almost a week past, there is little to remember with the exception of the music which we I dutifully captured and reconstituted for your listening pleasure. Actually, this week there was little to reconstitution and in many respects, this weeks mix down was down much more expeditiously then the recent past. Nevertheless, as usual, the recording quality and capture of the night's performance is heads and toes above what a stereo mic place in the middle of the studio provides us, so enjoy it. Though he didn't play it, Kevin brought in his Fender Starcaster for us to all check out.

In many respects, the songs selection from this weeks is a little of trying to get a few ore more songs that haven't been recorded on the recent multi-tract deluge as well as getting back into songs that we are bound the repeat. The resultant setlist lacked flow and continuity buy tied up a few ends giving us a pretty open slate going into the final couple of months of the year. Freak from within and from a freak, Freak Out!