Carroll's 55th Street


Is Stagger Lee's drumming worthy of a multi-track recording?

With Scott on a sojourn in Italy, it looks like Lee is our solo drummer for two weeks until Scott returns. This certainly makes it easier on me to setup the recording of the band as I do not have to place microphones all around Scott's kit. Besides Scott missing, we had the whole band in tow including Donna for the first set, who left us to our own devices after departing to a Truckin'. We had no guests on this Monday night.

While I was setup to record and everything seemed to be working perfectly, the recording session doesn't work unless you actually hit the record button. Unfortunately, I missed capturing the first two songs of the night, Slow Train Coming and Scarlet Begonias, due to my failure to implement the pressing of the record button sequence. This left the recordings to begin with the Women are Smarter, the 3rd song of the night.

The Candyman that followed was our first where Donna sang lead vocals and it was commented that this Candyman was one of Deadstein's best versions. Rich described some of the songs as having better than usual texture, even if some of the grooves were misplaced and off. Second That Emotion had such a texture. The Help on the Way was a bit straining but in the end we salvaged something in the final MP3. Somehow, the end of the evening was strong with a pretty assertive Valerie and closing with an opener, the Mississippi Halfstep. Considering this October 7 represented Deastein completing its 23rd year of freakin jamming since commencing on October 9, 1990 and our next jam on October 14 will begin the 24th year of Deadstein, closing with an opener only seemed appropriate. I can't wait to see what the next 23 year will bring us. Wow, I guess it's time to Freak Out!