Carroll's 55th Street


Time is right for dancing on 55th Street.

We had our core group with us this Thursday at Deadstein. Donna was there for our first set, sans the Here Comes Sunshine. It seemed destined to go into a Viola Lee Blues, but with Donna ready to go, I veered the band to a Bertha instead. I think it was a good decision and got us into a good flow from a set list perspective that followed though the end of the night. We had a few guest including Steve and Lindsey and Scott's friend Julian. It was nice how he picked up on the Richmond 11/1/85 vibe I tossed into the second set with the Sailor/Saint, She Belongs to Me followed by the Gloria closer.

Funny, Julian told Scott that he wanted to hear him sing the Box of Rain, so when looking for that encore type of song just before midnight we were thinking Box of Rain. A chant of "We want Scott" started and wouldn't you know, in comes Scott Bayer. This wasn't what we were looking for, but we got the Box of Rain closer nevertheless. It was a good feeling version and left us on a good note. It was such a good note that we agreed to call it a night with 5 minutes left on the night. Probably a good decision.

This week's recordings are from a single MP3 recorded slung from the back wall of Studio 2. I did all I could to get some okay sound out of it. No need to freak out, so I will Freak out.