Carroll's 55th Street


Woo, back to some Woodrow Wilson Isolationalism feels good.

Deadstein got back into its hunker-down mentality on this Thursday night as it was just the six of us ready to deliver a good meaty night of music. I think we succeeded for the most part, providing a real legitimate first and second set. It was a good feeling week of security compared to the pandemonium that was presented to us the week before. Not that Deadstein isn't nimble on its feet and doesn't enjoy a little surprise every no and then, but this week felt comfortable in the lack of having to care about anything else but ourselves.

I think Ryan and Maggie were our only guests for the night, so we had no but ourselves to blame if things didn't work out. There was the threat of snow, nor-Easter in in the air but the few flurries that impacted us were only for the good. It got us off the mark with a default Cold Rain and Snow and that just led to better and better things as the night progressed.

The China Rider was a powerful one for us to close the first set. While the botched opening of the Saint Stephen for the second set could have spelled doom, it was the only downer of the second set as the rest felt pretty good. The Scarlet Fire following the Stephen got us right back on track and brought us right back to the station at 12 midnight to end the evening. Another great night of music, which I look forward to giving a listen. Freakin' woo.