Carroll's 55th Street


Fred plays Jerry for us as we craft a nice 2-set jam

With Alan vacationing, enjoying some warm tropical weather, Deadstein would have to brave the cold weather outside to enjoy some of the nice "woo" inside. Joining us at the unlimited table of "woo" in lieu of Alan for the second time was Fred. With Fred on lead and me playing Bobby, it made for a strong night of music.

We only had Steve in as our guest for the night, so there was little to disturb us in our quest to play good music. This kept us moving forward with determination. The equipment seemed fine so we had few excuses to make, and listening to the the recording should hopefully bear this out.

Scott had just come from a show seeing a performance of Dylan's "I'll Be You Baby Tonight" so we decided to take a crack at that song and had a good time with it. It was good that we selected to do it early on because we were focused and stayed with it. We also had a 1972 vibe going on during the first set and did a nice He's Gone --> Truckin' --> Birdsong triple combo, extra meat and no tomato, if you know what I mean. This seemed to be the main entree of the set.

By the time the second set hit, we needed some help. I had just showed Fred how to use the online song database to access PDFs of song write-ups. He noticed the Rand-O-Matic portion of it and I demonstrated it. Next thing we know, the clutch Rand-O-Matic pulled a very entertaining night of 2nd set jamming for us out of its gorilla glass and on we went. Another pat on the back to