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The Mackie made it's multi-track return to the studio

This week it is Wednesday and for the first time in a long time I am bringing in my Mackie 24-track multitrack recorder to hopefully capture some hot Deadstein moments that I can remix into something really good.? I hope it all goes well and it's gonna be a driving night for me trying to carry all this crap, getting it set up, jamming and taken down.? Post jam comments coming up later. It was mentally a stressful jam for me. I was so intent on recording that I had to get home after work, load the equipment bag, though it was preloaded for the most part, and get the Mackie rolling, 24 tracks to roll-no more.? Here Comes Deadstein.? Here Comes Deadstein. Results of the Multi-Track recording are provided below.? In addition, Rich has uploaded his track recordings from his new Tascam 2-track all-in-one recorder.? Thanks to Rich for doing that as always. Those files are provided at: Now for the great quality multitrack stuff, the folder is located at: or you can listen to it immediately below.? I know Kevin was a little interested in this stuff so I show a print screen of my 2 monitors containing the tracks on the right and some of the effects on the left.? I think if you click on the picture you will be able to get a closeup of the screen shot. UAD-1 DSP Effects and Reaper Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software.? I love it.? I hope you do also. [caption id="attachment_353" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Mixing in Reaper and Using UAD Audio Effects."]Mixing in Reaper and Using UAD Audio Effects.[/caption] 01 Bertha [audio= Bertha.mp3] 02 Mama Tried [audio= Mama Tried.mp3] 03 China Doll [audio= China Doll.mp3] 04 Hard To Handle [Audio= Hard to Handle.mp3] 05 Beat It On Down the Line [audio= Beat It On Down the Line.mp3] [caption id="attachment_342" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Scott check 1-2 at the 9-10-08 Jam"]Scott check 1-2 at the 9-10-08 Jam[/caption] So?I was the first one in the room and lo-and-behold, they gave us the all-in-one, 8 channel mackiePA/mixer.? We had been getting the great PA system setup for the last year consistently, so I was certain we would get it this week.? It was a bummer, only 8-tracks and the bad PA to boot.? Apparently, there were a lot of 9-11 ceremonies planned for the next day and Carroll's had all their equipment preloaded into trucks ready to roll.? Luckily, Chris was clutch and was able to get me another Mackie PA/Mixer so I had enough channel for the night.? All I had we 12 and it's really all needed.? So I got it all set up and it worked nicely and easily.? The quality of the pre-amps and all isn't all that important in our hideous acoustic environment, they are the least of our worries.? In addition, I have to admit the PA was adequate.? It was the larger Studio 3 instead of the standard Studio 2 we usually play in.? David Byrne had studio 2 booked with a lot of equipment.? Almost as much as me.? Just kidding, but it was quite a load to carry. 06 It Must Have Been the Roses [Audio= It Must Have Been the Roses.mp3] 07 Passenger [audio= Passenger.mp3] 08 Shakedown Street [audio= Shakedown Street.mp3] 09 Looks Like Rain [audio= Looks Like Rain.mp3] 10 Morning Dew [Audio= Morning Dew.mp3] If you want to see the warm up, tune up, etc to the jam it is available. I'm just not promising anything exciting. [youtube=] [caption id="attachment_343" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Woo-head"]Woo-head[/caption] So the recording seemed to work, the PA was there, Scott Bayer showed for the beginning and we launch into the easy opening Bertha and I didn't feel too comfortable and or confident with the guitar in my hand. for most of the night.? The Mama Tried felt pretty solid and I was able to hold my shit together OK for the first few songs.? I think we played solidly for the majority of the night and I just wasn't there for too much of it and able to get it out. Not to worry, it is a team game and the rest of you schmegheggies pulled me through.? And knowing that I have the band to count on also pulls me through in the tougher times.? I had some bone-head mistakes throughout the night that I'm gonna have to cut out of the mix, fortunately, I'll be able to do so except for some of my bogus time mishaps.? That's why there is always next week. 11 Might As Well [audio= Might As Well.mp3] 12 Estimated Prophet [audio= Estimated Prophet.mp3] 13 Thrill Is Gone [audio= Thrill Is Gone.mp3] 14 Hell in a Bucket [audio= Hell in a Bucket.mp3] [caption id="attachment_344" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Butt-head"]Butt-head[/caption] We played lots of songs.? Did a little work on a Bucket and tried to play it a second time, but to no avail.? Jason and Kevin did some nice work on the Morning Dew pre-lead accent/descent and that part was pulled off nicely in the song itself.? As I start to mix the music I will get a little closer to this jam and hopefully find the beauty in it.? Time will tell with it.? I think Scott stayed up and survived the entire jam and even ended with the Box of Rain to close ot the night.? Well maybe the end was hijacked a little by Jason as he broke out the Wave that Flag into I know You Rider.? It?was two more songs than I wanted to do considering the take down of equipment I still had to do but thanks to Kevin's great cord wrapping abilities we were out of there in a jiffy.
[caption id="attachment_345" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Butt-heads pedal board"]Butt-head's pedal board[/caption] So I get home with the hard drive recording, pop the disk?out of my Mackie and plop it into my PC , copy the files?and I think I am off to the races, but no!? I get no sound.? What the fuck!? I'm telling you.? My computer decides to die on me.? Now I don't mean software die, I mean hardware die so I got the computer booted and running but I am now scared to turn it off cause it may never come back.? In any case, I finally got the thing rebooted and was able to listen to the recording and it all sounds good with respect to the recording.? The playing the on the hand still needs to be determined. 15 Box of Rain [audio= Box of Rain.mp3] 16 Wave the Flag [audio= Wave the Flag.mp3] 17 I Know You Rider [audio= I Know You Rider.mp3] Now that the mixdowns I made of the night's recordings are on the site and hopefully you have had a chance to listen to these multitrack recordings so it now leads to this weeks poll. ?Judging bass levels is the most difficult thing to do since we all have greatly different speakers and listening environment. ?With that said let me know what you think of the recordings from a frequency perspective. ?You feedback will hopefully lead to better recordings. [polldaddy poll="927207"]??
? [caption id="attachment_348" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Scott and his new Treo 800w"]Scott and his new Treo 800w[/caption] ?