Carroll's 55th Street


Early Core-4 with Jason arriving around 9pm

With the new iPhone I am able to pre-post in the car while sitting in traffic at the Holland Tunnel. Pretty cool but there isn't much to say except I'm looking forward to the jam on this hot, muggy day in July. It could down pour at any second, but then again, the sun is showing it's shining countenance in my rear-view mirror. Maybe I'll check in during the jam. And I thought I was going to be getting there early. IMG_0026 Well I did get there early to meet Scott and Rich who beet me to the studio. ?Kevin showed up shortly thereafter and we were playing by an early 8:15 with an overly ambitious Jack Straw. ?During this pre-Jason Core-4 period we also played a very long Memphis Blues as I went through all 3 Fender Twins trying to find one I like. IMG_0030_edited-1Jason showed up by around 9:00 and we played a To Lay Me Down. ?He had a different guitar which was a cool 1973 reissue of a 1958 black Gibson Les Paul. ?It was like the one Jerry played in the 60's with the funky front pickup. ?We did a nice New Speedway, Other One Franklins Combo and revisited the Other One later on in the evening as we did the entire That's it for the Other One into a Johnny B. Goode to end the night. ?I only sang the first verse of the Cryptical the first time we did it and sang the second verse only during the second playing of it. ?That's It for the Other One had a nice tinkery ending to it. ?We also did a Mason's, Brokedown and a few others. ?One strange thing about the night is we had no guests, not even Scott Bayer. IMG_0028 Till we meet again, this time in August. By the way, I did pull a coke out of my ass when Kevin needed it the most. The beverage vending machine was out of order and Rich had to run for a few waters early in the evening. [youtube=href="] To hear the songs on MP3, go to: