Carroll's 55th Street


Core-4 plus Bayside Al D. and Steve

We had to switch the jam late in the weekly cycle from a Wednesday to a Thursday due to someone?s scheduling conflict. Unfortunately for Alan W., he wasn?t able to juggle his schedule to make the jam but Alan the Cameraman was so we had him playing guitar this week. Scott was back from his Further shows at Radio City as well as his Who tribute a Carnegie Hall. This lead us to jamming with a Who Baba O?Reilly MP3 that Kevin had and an eventual playing of the song without the background tracking sounds. I have to say it sounded pretty freaky and cool. As far as guests, we had the ubiquitous Scott Bayer on bongos sporting an Underdog shirt. Additional, we had Al D?s Bayside buddy, Steve, who also showed up to the jam. Like most Baysiders, Steve plays a little guitar and Al had Steve don his guitar halfway through the night as we played a Smokestack Lightning. Let's not forget Ken Levine, which I did until I remembered we played a Terrapin and he requested it. On the way out of the jam, there were 6 of us to jam into the elevator so Al D and Steve stayed behind. I was commenting how good it was to be on the first elevator down which brought me bad karma. When we reached the ground floor Scott and Rich got out but Kevin lagged and before we knew it the door closed on us and we were heading right back up to the sixth floor where we saw Al and Steve who looked at us in bewilderment. We go a couple of Core-4 songs in before Al D entered, Stop That Train, Russian Lullaby, and then we headed into the freaky Dead with an Alabama Getaway.??? We were had no urgency to play long and hard, that's what she said, so we probably short-changed the jam a bit, but?got a nice compliment of songs in.? We started a little late and ended a little early, that's what she said, but ended with some strength. I don't know what I'm saying anymore. It's good that Rich got a new Mac after his last one left him in the learch, so we can get the songs that we played because remembering becomes harder and harder as time goes on. Deadstein's soon to celebrate its 20th anniversary in October.? We have to be sure to get Bill there, if no one else.? We played a Terrapin, China, Rider, Grass Onion (Yoko Ono version) and a whole lot more. Better late than never, on March 14 Rich uploaded the MP3s from this jam in the middle of the night. I think it was in the never-never land of time that comes during the turning the clocks ahead associated with daylight's savings time. ? You think he was passing Obamacare instead of just posting a few MP3 files of Deadstein. ?In anycase, thanks for doing it and enjoy. [youtube=] Look forward to next week when we expect be things from everyone!