Carroll's 55th Street


Give me 5, we're still alive. It ain't no luck, we live to suck.

Give me 5, we're still alive. It ain?t no luck, we live to suck.

On a Tuesday night Deadstein got together in the larger studio and enjoyed a new configuration, room setup wise, and had a few good songs to put under its belt. On this night we only had the five of us without any guests whatsoever. The bongos were there, ready to be played, but there was no one there to play them. We opened with the Aiko-Aiko, Jack Straw and played big meaningful songs, as Kevin likes to describe them, throughout most of the night. This included Ramble on Rose, Loser and a Birdsong, Let It Grow, Deal to end the first set at 10:00. After 10:00 Kevin made his quick phone call home and we were ready for a set 2 which also included some big combinations including a Here Comes Sunshine --> Wheel --> I Need a Miracle --> Bertha. We played another few songs in the middle there and ended the night strongly with a Uncle John?s Band --> Morning Dew. While we botched the intro to the 1st lead of the Morning Dew, the rest of the song was pretty good. If nothing else, we got lots of good playing in with lots of big songs. I think we did well for the most part. An altering tempo on the Dark Hollow in the first set was no good and the first lead of the Morning Dew was a total mess but short of that we had more good moments that bad ones. ?Alan was having gremlins electronically throughout the night. ?Scott started of not liking his?drum kit?but it grew on him by the end of the night. ?Kevin, Rich and I were pretty much status quo. The real question is what happens next week when we be playing in a much different circumstance. Until then, Freak Out if you can.