Carroll's 55th Street


New strings feel good in the hand,

After enjoying a week of playing with Terez, Deadstein was back to its standard setup with me playing lead and Alan on rhythm. I was featuring a new set of silicone coated strings, thanks to Larry Brent, and an intonated guitar which I took care of when I changed my strings the night before. The guitar was feeling especially good in my hands from the perspective of the new strings and and inotation and it helped me play well throughout the night. Since it was super hot outside and Carrol?s air conditioning was struggling to keep the room cool, 73 degrees was as cool as it got which is hot by Deadstein standards, so hopefully the silicone on the strings will help them last because last night my hands were like liquid salt.

There was some good music last night and as it was time for us to poop-out as the 5-hour energy drinks were wearing off, in came Mike from Georgia and he acted as an energy stimulant to give us a boost to finish the night with a little dignity. The closing Jack Straw was a forceful ending to the long hot jam. The only other guest of the night was Scott Bayer who for the first week in many was without the bongos. Hallelujah! Our big long segment of the night was a Scarlet ?> Estimated ?> Terrapin ?> Birdsong -> Gloria ?> Birdsong. That kept us busy for an hour or so in the middle of the night and was quite and undertaking. I thought the Terrapin was the weakest of that grouping but still nothing to write home about. We also did a nice Here Comes Sunshine -> China/Rider combo earlier in the evening. It was a fun, hot, sticky night and there is more fun to be had furthur down the road, so get your bus pass out and come join us as we go down road freakin? bad.