Carroll's 55th Street


Mr. T joins us for our electrical issues

This was a strange night of Deadstein that started with a bit of a blow up. ?As we were getting set to jam we were all having electrical problems at the same time. ?My pedal board was not working at all and I was switching around adapters to figure what the problem was. ?At the same time Rich was plugging in his microphone and either Andy or Alan was also fiddling with something electrical that was suspiciously not work. ?Next thing we notice is the power amp on the PA system popping, sparking, blowing then smoking. ?That's what she said, but the system blew apart like we have never seen. ?Lucky for us it is Carroll's and the rolled out another one and we were on our way, but that was a very stranger?occurrence.

So, on with the show. ?We were scheduled to have a big band as Trister was going to jam with us for the first set. ?Always great to bring our level up a notch or two. ? ?Alan and I shared the Bob parts until Andy left when ironically we played only Jerry Garcia Band songs were there are no Bob parts. ?In any case it was a fun night and we made some good music. ?We started off playing in dedication to 9-15-82, Capitol Center, Landover, MD. ?I wasn't at that show but it was famous for its Playing, Crazy Fingers opener with Playing in the Band interludes peppered throughout.

We did manager the entire opening with a Playing, Crazy Fingers, Rooster, Duprees. ?That was a nice 30 minute opener without a stop. ?When scheduled to continue into the Beat It On Down the Line to continue the 9-15-82 setlist, we?veered?in a Wharf Rat , Woman are Smarter and never looked back at Landover. ?Ken the cookie/pizza man came in bearing no food which I was happy about. ?His shining?countenance?is a treat enough. ?Scott Bayer was our only other guest. ?I put him to work video recording the U.S. Blues while I sat out the Next Time You See me to video that song. [youtube=] As I said, Trister left after a nice chunky 1st set and we played GarBand for the rest of the night. ?I jumped out of my Bob persona and entered Jerry's. ?What a warm fuzzy place to be, but with a lot of responsibilities. ?I did okay in the switch and we started up right away. ?Fortunately, I discovered my reverb o the guitar amp had been off for the first set and then for the second, things sounded a lot more comforting. New to the room is Scott's new iPad, use it well and often, which will happen. ?Once again I can strongly?recommend? ?I sent referal to you guys so if you sign up I get an additional 250MB of storage, you should all sign up, its a great to place store files online in the cloud for free, such as PDFs, MP3s, documents, in lieu of emailing files back and forth to yourself. ?Check it out, it is great. ?One other shout out goes to Andy who will be playing a show 10 minutes from my house a week from Sunday on September 26 - Ukrainian American Cultural Center,?Whippany, NJ. ?I anticipate going to it and look forward to it and check out the webpage! [youtube=]

Any, back to the show. ?To listen to the music go to the link below: