Carroll's 55th Street


Strange week that blossomed from a normal week.

This was a strange week that blossomed from a normal week. ?Scott was busy taking care of business and had to cancel on us during the morning of the jam. ?It wasn't looking bad for too long because Rich was all over it and contacted Bayside Russ and we got a confirmation from Russell that he could be there by 9:30. ?That was great news and a shortened late jam is way better than none at all. ?It gave us a little time to shoot the shit and for Kevin to draw this cool artwork. ? ?This is my favorite from Kevin so far. ?We also spent some time watching the great Stella Blue performed by Barry Sless, John Molo and Pete Sears of Moonalice and David Nelson Band that I video taped over the previous weekend. It shows Sless playing a?phenomenal final lead on the Stella Blue on his peal steel guitar. ?Check it out. [youtube=] I was prepared and had a backup drummer in my bag, my Boss DR-770 drum box. ? Some how I transitioned a rocking jam that was going on for a while into a Me and My Uncle played?using?the Boss drum box. ?It was a surreal and uncomfortable by an experience nevertheless. ?The next song, a Sugaree, we played using the drum box and Russell showed up by the end of the Sugaree and we were able to transition from the robotic drummer to the human Russell which was also surreal and less uncomfortable. The rest of the night with Russell featured some good music. ?We opened with the China Cat Rider with Alan playing the Jerry riff and me on the Bob. ?We played a few challenging song s that were way beyond our capabilities such as the Hell in a Bucket and Help on the Way. ?In both cases we made our way through them some how. We had the big Black Throated Wind and we were so?enthralled with the music that was going on that we blew right past the 12-midnight quitting time and ended the Sugar Magnolia at 12:14. ?It is rare they we fly right through quitting time. ?Usually making it to quitting time is the challenge. ?It was a nice night music a a lot of fun. To hear the song click the links below: As far a s guests all we had were Scott Bayer who banged his new drum for one song. ?Additionally, in the studio next door we saw Chick Correa sitting at a piano. ?That's why you have to go to every jam. ?I know I'll be there next week.