Carroll's 55th Street


No Rich, so it's nonCore-4

Below is the unedited text of my posting as dictated into Siri on my new iPhone. ?This was dictated to the iPhone sitting in a cradle on my dashboard while driving home from the jam. ?The amazing thing is Siri is so much more coherent than when I type the postings myself. ? tonight was a pretty interesting night. Rich wasn't out of town just for Alan Kevin Scott I'm home now another very interesting aspects of tonight in Baghdad since Rich was not at the gym we didn't have our typical MP3 record what was happening with you. Eric at yet improvised cigarette heaven for tonight. Fortunately this was our first week. 9/2 an hour to iPhone for less. The thing has a kick ass video camera. So why not use it to record the jam? So that's what we did I laid the iPhone 4S on the music stand on its side with the video camera on what in the back corner of the room and probably got a good shot time will tell when I get home if the audio is listenable but it maybe something to remember the night. Additionally as what may be printed is illegible my experiment is I'm using the iPhone and Siri dictate the nightstands posted I also want to show you how well or not well this posting work so I am not going to change any of the mess up that Siri has made while I'm dictating to you think this will be a funny exercise. Now I'll probably fix the grammar but in punctuation not sure what that's all supposed to be but it'll really give you a great understanding of how unbelievable this dictation is all done Four instance, I'm driving down Route 3 after the gym and dictate a chance message I'm sorry Jen posted into the iPhone. It's quite fun and a great use of my time on the way home. Keeps me up and it will give me a huge chunk and I need you and that's what she said of writing which to put into the blog post this is truly a new revolution the blog posting Europe for me I can tell this thing going to be quite handy and quite great use of my time on the way home. [youtube=] So let's get back to the purpose of this dictation exercise and talk about tonight's gym. It was just the four of us as I said in tight quarters playing tight you soon. Without the keyboard and the piano my billing the room with reverberated sound we were able to accomplish a clean quiet sound at many points through the night. We had a nice set of standard top-quality Grateful Dead songs to begin the night we played really well the beginning of the night started pretty good all locked in there. [youtube=] Then we went into a nice Jerry Garcia band or five songs said I was also pretty good. I got to play my positively fourth Street style I like and was able to take advantage of my ability to play as many leads as I wanted since I really patrolled the song. However there were no guests for the night not even one for people in the room. Faroles is currently a pretty busy place days and didn't have much equipment and had really scrounge to get a love the play yet, scrounging at Carol's is quite enjoyable experience. Alan and I both had super twin reverb the playground and they sound great. In addition the only three microphones on in the room so get that quiet sandwich I just meant. I actually had an excellent time singing and playing virtually every song is matter of fact every song for the night. Playing lots of leads and singing songs I selected the mall and it was cool time. Eric I like the song selection, I had a really good phone and rolled the guitar, and I wasn't full control of how long the leads should be late provided a nice black just let loose and do what they would like. I think I was able to accomplish lots of good stuff actually kept the band going by solid way and send Wyatt was only a few mess ups I think you're being Rivervew the biggest swap tonight I was just to stir. Yet nothing been teleported by get the song "soon you'll be doing some sort. So speaking gets you writing quite a bit I can only imagine and I will see you when I cut-and-paste this montage of messed up blog posting into you hope you're in law. Therefore, I will sign off now did you have there to do and wish everyone a yank your voice into the next week and weekend it was a thought on Thursday night and I look forward to another engaging Goodstein jam sometime next week. Video recordings made from on my iPhone are provided on Youtube in a playlist as well as individual files. Click here for the Youtube Playlist