Carroll's 55th Street


Bill Siegel joins us as Lee scrambles to get there

With Rich out of town, this Tuesday night was highlighted by the presence of Bill Siegel playing the keys and the singing lots of the songs for the night. Having Bill is a nice bonus in and of itself but the sounds of the keyboard in addition to piano sounds are a real nice addition to Deadstein sound. Coupled with not needing to amplify an acoustic piano through the PA system gave us a pretty open sound for the night. The night started really open because as we started late, around 8:25, with Lee still AWOL. I called him and found out he thought we were playing on Wednesday night, not Tuesday. Clutch as he was, he popped into his car and raced to join us and made it before the end of the first set. In the end, Lee only missed 5 or 6 songs. We were located in the big studio at Carroll?s as the others studios were filled with Carnegie Hall wanabies and a big group of serious Klemzer musicians. Deadstein fit right in. Rob and Miriam showed up with a big bag of leftover Baja no-so- Fresh catered Mexican food for all of us to munch into. I tried a bite and it was a distraction to me. A great thought though. Also in the room were Stevie and Lindsey as well and Ryan who sat in on the drums for a song or two. Meg was nowhere to be found. We never really had a distinction between sets as we began a Big River without Kevin and Bill also jammed a Nobody Knows You When You?re Down and Out without several of us. We then went into the second set and finished strong right at 12:00pm. We didn?t have a setlist planned and we only used the Randomizer to select the Bertha opener, nevertheless we kept the songs moving and ended playing a healthy 20 songs or so. Without Rich being there we didn?t have a good way to record the night?s music. I got a few moments on my iPhone, but whether it is usable or not, I will have to check out. [youtube=] [youtube=] The songs played in approximate order are as follows:
  1. Bertha
  2. Dear Prudence
  3. Feel Like a Stranger
  4. Mississippi Halfstep
  5. Looks Like Rain
  6. Come Together
  7. Loser
  8. One More Saturday Night
  9. Bottle of Red Wine
  10. Shakedown Street
  11. West LA Fadeaway
  12. Harder They Come
  1. Big River
  2. Minglewood Blues
  3. Glass Onion
  4. Nobody Knows You When You?re Down and Out
  5. Ship of Fools
  6. Promised Land
  7. New Speedway Boogie
  8. Throwing Stones
  9. Not Fade Away