Carroll's 55th Street


No Rich this week.

For another week, Deadstein was without its full compliment as Rich was out of town. ?This?left?the five of us to our own devices to move the momentum forward. ?Our own devices were limited to iPhones to record the jam as none of us have a simple MP3 recorder to capture the evening's music. ?I captured the first 13 songs on my phone before I ran out of space, but at least it is something. ?As I am typing this on Sunday morning following the show, I have no idea what we played except the 13 songs listed, but I know we played several more. ?I don't think we go past 20 but we probably came pretty close. With respect to guests, we had none. ?We therefore welcome Lee's key lime pie, with?graham-cracker crust as the guest for the night. ?I think we are all together once again next week on Tuesday, with no work on Wednesday, so look for a fun on. If you want to hear and see the first part of the night click on the links below, assuming they eventually get uploaded to?YouTube.