Carroll's 55th Street


Scott's birthday show on tap and Alan surprises us

>On a Wednesday night following Scott?s birthday we were planning to get together like we typically do for our weekly Deadstein jam.? With Scott?s birthday on show tap and the expected absence of Alan this week there was an anticipation of lots of esoteric Jerry Garcia Band music to be placed on the platter.? We started the Scarlet Affair with an expected ?And It Stoned Me.? As you can see in the photo, Art Garfunkle was rehearing in our studio a few hours before, so some of his essence and hair must have been left in the studio. At the end of the Stoned Me in comes Alan walking in as usual which was very surprising to the rest of us. ? Well, through some type of misinterpretation of a Hebrew New Year?s greeting transmitted through mobile technologies we all thought Alan was a no show for the night.?? Anyway, that was not to be the case as he ended only missing that first song. ?A good thing also for the rest of night a nice helping of good night of music selected by Scott for his birthday pleasure. [youtube=] Until the end of the night when Ryan and Maggie showed up with a couple of friends from Hawaii, we had no guests in the room. ?Their arrival was good timing for Deadstein as we are more on during the fresh early portion of the evening and?moron?by the latter part of the evening. ?It was good we had people to play to at that time of the night as we were jolted into playing a bit more aggressively than otherwise would have been the case.? As a result we ended up strong flying through the finish line with 22 songs, not that anyone is counting. I am happy that we got the If I Had the World to Give in early as it was an improvement from 2 weeks ago and shows great potential.? It is such a great song and fun to play.? The You Never Can Tell was a quick little fun number which challenged our dexterity much in the same way Maggie?s Farm did. It was a fun night through and through and if you want to hear any of it, listen to the links below: