Carroll's 55th Street


catch up on some highly neglected Jerry Garcia Band

Writing this post over a week after the jam is going to be difficult. ?All I can really remember is that all six of us were there but Scott was a?surprise?as he was scheduled to take the week off. ?As far as guests we had Steve and Lindsey and that was about it. ?Scott suggested we start off crazy and we did with the Help on the Way. ?I think it was a bit better than I could have expected so early in the set. ?Additionally, I threw in the second verse of the Other One to complete it from only singing the first verse from the week before. I recall it being a rough night and we kind of fell apart by the end of the night. ?Nevertheless including the 3 songs we didn't get recorded we topped the 20-song mark. If you want to hear what we did this night, go to the MP3 links below.