Carroll's 55th Street


The end of 2012 featured the 51st jam of the year.

The end of 2012 featured the 51st jam of the year and what a year it has been in Deadstein land. ?For the night we had a surprise guest guitarist, Fred. ?He was new to all of us but Rich and he played Jerry lead for the entire night leaving me to stick with the Bob rhythm guitar. ?He was good and it made for a fun night of music. ? ?Additionally, Donna was there for most of the night and stayed through the 12 o'clock hour. ?Maybe it was the fact that we were jamming on the ultra rare Friday night. ?This was the result of Christmas and New years being on Tuesday nights this year messing up Carroll's schedules. ?No big deal, the Friday night jam seemed like a bonus. ?It was a long separation between the previous Monday jam and this Friday jam, so we were all ready to play. ?Our guests for the night included Steve and Lindsey. ?It's time to get it all going again starting off strong for 2013. To hear what we did to close 2012 go to the links below: