Carroll's 55th Street


Jayson joins us for the second time trying to keep a rocking horse down.

Jayson joined us for the second time and this time he was stood up by his Donna. It's tough to get them out to just jam/rehearse with us when it's not a real gig. Good thing us guys don't feel that way or else we would never play. Jayson is on a mission to try to keep our volume and energy level down to where a Grateful Dead band should be trying to do what no one has yet been able to do. We are like a riled up Mustang alsways looking to take off. I think we got the message during some songs and gave it to him big in a small way. His 3rd song Steell Blue gave hm the relaxation level and sweetness he was looking for. Scott wasn't able to join us because of a bunch of concerts (Springsteen and Phil, Springsteen just being another Deadstein coverband) so Coffee was on his own. The great thing is Kevin was able to negotiate a 1 drummer deal with Carroll's making missing a drummer not such a financially devistating time. That was great. Also have to make mention of Chris from Carroll's who has been pronoted to mmanager and he alsways takes care of us and we take care of him. Hands washing themselves, the way the world goes around.