Carroll's 55th Street


After a week off due to end-of-summer vacations, Deadstein is back again as a whole.

Well, we were off for a week, but Kevin and Coffee got back from their respective vacations and Deadstein was able to get together at Carroll's as a whole band including Trister. Seemed like Trister had a great time where we may have reached a new plateau; It seems as if Trister's been really trying to think outside the box as it relates to my singing/playing. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so good. Anyway, it was fun last night.

Funny because kevin didn't think this jam was as good as the week before but who is to argue? We all have different perspectives on how we enter the room and what we want when we are in there. Play and don't worry about it, the music will take care of the rest. That is what seems to make sense to some.