Carroll's 55th Street


We play once again in Carroll's with Jeff on lead and a new guest singer.

This was another week where jeff H. was good enough to sit in with us and play lead and sing a few songs. With the combination of his PRS and his delay peddle and the fender Twin he was getting some real nice thich sweet tones out of his guitar. I think we played some real good music with lots of substantial songs including the Here Comes Sunshine in the good China Cat transition.

Rich's film school friend Scott was there to offer us a cup of orange soda, with caffine in it, and was also there to introduce us to a new femaile backup singer. This one was the woman who has something to do with the Circle Line boat rock shows that are performed in the summer and at the end of her little session with us she offered any of us tickets to any of those shows if we were interested. It was togh to understand exactly what she was offering but it was nice nevertheless. She was there with a guy, I forget both of their names, who was there to provide her with some support in what can be a very unforgiving room from a singers perspective. She had a very interesting singing style, based off some type of baroque contata style or something but it didn't mess all that well with the Deadstein broke type of style that we profess. In any case it was a reintroduction of the freaky factor back into the room, that while a bit peturbing, it is at least entertaining