Carroll's 55th Street


Jeff H. and Bill S. join Larry, Rich and Kev for a night filled with big songs.

This was a night that was a difficult night to assemble a jam for. Both drummers and Andy were scheduled to be away so we scraped together a jam, once again illustrating the strenght of the institution called Deadstein. For guests Bill Sloan had his friend Sarah come in to listen to a private concert and Rich's friend Scott from film scholl really seemed to dig us.

We played lots of big songs and a few nice segments of music. This included the big Playing --> China Doll --> Uncle John's --> Playing. We did the big Scarlet - Fire and finished up with a large Birdsong. All in all we played lots of songs and for the most part the music sounded really good and we had many fine moments.

For the first time in several weeks it was nice outside, showing some melting of the ice that has been around for a week.. The candy machine only accepted exact change so that limited the amount of sugar intake for all of us.