Carroll's 55th Street


A hodge podge fills in for the missing Kevin, Coffe and Andy

Well Kevin's grandma passed this week and that means a scramble for Deadstein. In addition Trister's currently on a limited committment and Coffee took the week off. It was touch and go up to the last minute but we got a jam together and whoever made it had a good time. It was Scott, Richa and I from the traditional band and Jeff H. came in on guitar and who was our safety net for Kevin. No one else but Bill Sloan. Deaddtein is a powerful institution when Bill Sloan pops out of no where to get a jam on track, and playing bass nevertheless. Good for Bill. Thanks. In addition, Rich's long time firend, I forget his name who plays drums with Jeff in August West stopped by and played for a few songs. A very positive night overall.