Carroll's 55th Street


A quick jam on Monday after Thursday leads to a hot one for a cold one.

Wow, a Monday after a Thursday which was after a Monday.  It feels a bit weird.  There were no guests only a disgruntled Jimmy who was pissed at Dolly Parton who gave him no respect.  Trister had his Ibanez and Scott had Daisy Maes for Dinner.  me on the other hand couldn't find a spot by Daisey Mae's and so I had a pre-made Burrito from the corner deli.  Things could have been worse.

We had some good moments including a good Built to Last where we really hit the B flats before and after the lead.  He Ain't Give You None was pretty tortuous this week.  Stranger was pretty hot for the most part.  The jam collapsed at the end but we hit the whip.

It was blustery and rainy tonight.  Total misery as Hurricane Wilma rolls out of Florida and towards us resulting in an early season noreaster.  Wilma, Rita and Wilma.  Going into the Greek alphabet for new names.  Deadstein better cool off a bit because we are contributing to global warming.  Deadstein melting the polar ice caps.  White Sox are leading 2-0 against Astros in the world series, while the Giants won a great comeback (Eli to Toomer) against the undefeated Broncos.  Eagles, Redskins and Cowboys are also 4-2 at this point so it's gonna be a good football close as the weeks roll on.